About Our Hearing Care Specialists

Hearing care specialists with a difference

After many years of working as a hearing care specialist in the public and private sectors, Jacqueline wanted to create an environment not solely owned by one manufacturer whose focus was on KPI’s, targets and commission incentives.

Advanced Hearing Care was born. An ethical practice where choice and affordability are promoted in an environment where long standing relationships can develop.  Advanced Hearing Care in Belmont opened its doors in 2008. Despite there being a global financial crisis, Advanced Hearing Care is still operating and committed to serving its local community. 

Meet our clinicians

Hearing care specialists Jacqueline and Megan first met working for a large private company and enjoyed working together so much that Megan moved over and joined AHC.

Hearing Care Specialist

When Cardiff moved from a visiting site to a permanent site in 2011, Megan and Jacqueline began working between both sites and together coordinated product training and clinical procedure enhancement.

Jacqueline and Megan are supported by a wonderful customer service team that have the same gold standard vision and empathy with broad knowledge and skills of product range and advice to further assist clients. 

The team have seen vast changes over the years within the Hearing Services Program and technology and continue to offer the most advanced technology made available to all clients.

At Advanced Hearing Care, our name says it all - our team of hearing care specialists provide the highest quality hearing solutions to all our clients

Our solutions are based on expert advice and use the latest technologies wherever possible to achieve best possible outcomes. At AHC, we strive to provide the best solutions for all of our clients hearing needs and welcome your feedback to assist us in providing you with the best hearing possible.

Hearing Care Specialists

Advanced Hearing Care DO NOT pay commissions/incentives to their clinicians

Our dedicated team of staff are focused on providing the highest quality care and genuine support for people who are suffering from hearing loss, or seeking hearing solutions. We won’t just give you your hearing aid and then send you off on your way, we provide ongoing support, and are there for you as you navigate your way through your experience of life with your new hearing solutions.

We are Government Accredited to provide FREE hearing services to pensioners and veterans. Offering hearing assessments for adults and school age children, swimming and musician plugs, pre-employment and compensation screenings. We service all brands and styles of hearing instruments.

Whether you have a temporary issue, or just want some expert advice about how to make the most of your hearing – life is too short to be without your ears, so let us know how we can help you today. To arrange an appointment simply call us on 1800 994 417.

Advanced Hearing Care has clinics located in Belmont, Cardiff, Gloucester and Mayfield. There is easy onsite parking at our Cardiff clinic with ramp access. Our team of qualified and experienced Clinicians will assess your hearing and discuss with you the appropriate strategies if hearing loss is detected.

If you find yourself constantly turning up the volume or asking friends to repeat themselves maybe it is time for you to have your hearing assessed. It is a painless and comfortable procedure and the friendly staff at Advanced Hearing Care are here to help.