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At Advanced Hearing Care, we strive to give the highest quality service. With Audiologists in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie we are able to offer a wide range of hearing services to the local and extended community. This includes hearing assessments and advice on the best hearing aid technology available for you.

Advanced Hearing Care will always try to achieve a high level of empathy consistent with the best services delivered to reach your individual needs. Follow the link below to find out more about hearing loss and how we can help.

Audiologist Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Our Hearing Care Services

  • Free Hearing Services for pensioners/veterans (conditions apply application forms available)
  • Full comprehensive hearing tests
  • Industrial hearing tests
  • Hearing Aids and hearing aid fittings
  • Rehabilitation Groups
  • School Aged Children’s testing
  • Pre-Employment and Workers Compensation
  • Telecommunication and Alternative Listening Devices
  • Swimming noise and music plugs

Advanced Hearing Care are specialists in hearing loss. If you find yourself constantly turning up the volume or asking friends to repeat themselves, maybe it’s time for you to have your hearing assessed. It is a painless and comfortable procedure and the friendly staff at Advanced Hearing Care are here to help guide you through the process.

Free online hearing test

If you feel you may be suffering from hearing loss then our FREE online hearing test is a good place to start. This will help you to decide whether you need to take the next step and make an appointment with us for a full hearing assessment. To start your FREE online test simply click on the link below:

What our Clients have to say...

Following the ongoing deterioration of hearing I contacted Advanced Hearing Care. The dynamic team at AHC completely understood the challenges that I was experiencing and how to correct my prognosis. Their commitment was unbelievable and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone suffering hearing loss.

John Langford

Cardiff Client

What a fabulous service! I am very grateful for everything you have done for me. You have improved my lifestyle heaps and the lovely ladies at Advanced Hearing Care are the best.

October 2022

Gordon Varley

Belmont Client

Very happy with the entire service provided, the staff were very friendly and professional and explanations were given for any questions I had. 

Joyce Olsen

Cardiff Client

No improvement is required! The staff are always polite and proficient and the professional service was excellent. Advanced Hearing Care makes a valuable contribution to health services in Belmont.

September 2022

Peter Tylee

Belmont Client

All the consultants at Advanced Hearing Care are very helpful and the reception staff always go out of their way to be of help. Lovely ladies!

Patricia Cussans

Belmont Client

The care and service I have received has been exceptional. When it came time to replace my hearing aids, I was taken through a thorough process to select the best aids for my condition. My hearing and lifestyle is now very much improved. I would definitely recommend Advanced Hearing Care to anyone seeking professional and independent hearing care.

August 2023

Thomas Buckwalter

Belmont Client